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Call Customer Service

The airline lost my checked bag. Here's the ticket number from the bag and here's my flight info. Can you call them and find out what's going on with it and how I can get it back? (20 minutes)

Local Shopping

I need to find a mask for a party tonight. Can you figure out what stores around my apartment have some in stock? Try Ricky's. (30 minutes)

Find Movers

I'm moving to a new apartment across town next month. Could you find out pricing for some local movers with good reviews? (30 minutes)

Order Flowers

Order a boquet of tulips for around $60 and have them delivered to my apartment with the following note on the card... (20 minutes)

Schedule an Appointment

Schedule a haircut with Geno at Geno's Barberia for me any weekday in the next week at 9am. (10 minutes)

Party Planning

My son turns 10 next Monday and I would like to know of a few birthday centers in Austin that offer specially themed parties. My son really loves anything to do with space and aliens. (40 minutes)

Activity Planning

I want to do a day trip to go white water rafting with my friends near NYC. Could you send me a few of the companies nearby, the dates, cost, and best way to get to each (e.g. rent a Zipcar, public transport, or maybe the company has their own transport from the city)? (45 minutes)

Price Comparison

See if you can find a better price on this set of headphones. Order the cheapest option and have it sent to my office. (20 minutes)

Collect Info

Please create a spreadsheet with the major advertising platforms in the north Dallas metroplex area including websites, newspapers, and any other advertising mediums to promote the launch of a new church it the DFW Metroplex. (60 minutes)

Call Customer Service

Phone Bonobos to enquire re: their return policy (it's not clear on their site). What condition do the items have to be returned in? Who pays for the return postage? Any other conditions? (20 minutes)

Small Project

I need help loading a survey into Survey Monkey. I've attached all the questions and potential answers but I need it turned into a Survey Monkey survey on my account. (60 minutes)

Trip Planning

Can you please send me a list of cooking classes in Paris (taught in English)? I am looking for classes available from 6/18-6/22. I am interested in learning how to make pastries, breads, and cheeses. Please send me a list with class descriptions, dates, prices, address of schools and link to website where to register. (30 minutes)

Research Local Services

Please find all the daycare options somewhere between my house and office. After I see some options, I'll let you know which ones I want to visit and you can schedule the visits for me. (60 minutes)

Research Project

Take a look at the attached spreadsheet and fill in the missing data from the resources provided. (60 minutes)

Find Answers

Could you figure out the best way to sort out back links for a site moving from html to WordPress? Is there a plug in or script that can look after this for me? (20 minutes)

Call for Information

Please call the Jamaican Consulate in the United States. I'm trying to find out VISA requirements for entry into Jamaica for my wife who has a green card, but carries a Taiwan passport. I'm finding conflicting reports while Googling so please call two or three to confirm their info is all the same. (45 minutes)

Find Local Services

I need a place to make copies and do a lot of printing near my hotel in Chicago that is open tonight. (20 minutes)

Tedious Tasks

Please type out the attached PDF into a Word doc so it can be edited. (40 minutes)
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